Questions & Answers

Here below are some typical questions we summarized from the communications with our customers:

Q: I wear a 44R mens suit jacket, and 34 inch waist pants. I looked at your store, and noticed all your 44R suit jackets come with 38 inch pants waist. Can I buy 44R suit with 34 inch waist pants?

A: Most of the suits at our online suit store come with a fixed jacket-pants drop. Size 36 to 46 suit jacket come with 6 inch drop (e.g. jacket 42, pants waist 36 inch); Size 48 jacket comes with 5 inch drop (e.g. jacket 48, pants 43 inch); Size 50 to 54 come with 4 inch drop (e.g. jacket 52, pants 48 inch). 

Some particular styles suit in solid colors come with extra pants so that you can mix and match for any size pants. Please contact our customer service for details.


Q: Is it possible if I want to take out or take in pants waist on all your suits?

A: Yes. The pants waist have room and can be taken out/in up to 2 inches. We suggest you confirm with your local tailor before purchase.


Q: Does your store offer alteration/tailoring service?

A: No, we do not currently offer any dress suit alteration services (e.g. hem pants length, etc).


Q: I live near your office. Can I visit your store first before purchase? or pick up after purchase?

A: We suggest not doing so. The address in the item listing page is our sales office and only opens for wholesale suit customers and retailers. Currently, we do not have a store open for retail customers. Being one of the largest wholesale suits distributors is what allows Menswear eCollection to offer individual clients such an excellent break in price.


Q: Do you accept personal check?

A: We accept major credit cards (Visa, Master, American Express, and Discover) and Paypal. Preferably not taking check or money order.

Q: Can I return the suit I purchased if I am not satisfied with it and how to do it?

If the item does not fit or you are not satisfied with the item, you can return the item for refund. The item price amount will be refunded the way it is paid. Item must be returned in its original condition and packaging with labels, tags, etc. attached for refund. You must return the item within 30 days after delivery of the item. The Buyer will need to pay his own shipping to send the item back to the Seller. The Seller is not liable for missing or damaged returns so we suggest that you use a shipping method that provides tracking and insurance options for return. Refund will be made within 7 days after returned item is received. If a return is made after the 7 day period, or the returned item not in its original condition (e.g. missing labels, tags, plastic bags, or packaging, etc), a partial refund may be applied.

Customers who need to exchange for a different size or item need to check our current store listings and buy a new item, and return the item purchased for refund.

We guarantee our product quality. In the event that you receive a wrong item or a defective product, we will refund the total of your payment plus your shipping back cost via UPS ground or USPS Priority. However, the Seller will not assume any further responsibilities due to the mistake or the defective product.

Q: Is the colors of your suits true colors as shown in the photos?

A: Suit colors are the direct result of photography; however they may appear different in your monitor or interpreted differently.